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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Each dancer must audition. It can be done during an already scheduled class. Each dance must also show a solo. This helps us get to know each individual dancer and helps plan for the training.

Yes, this program is focused on taking the dancers to their next step. Many dancers come in with strong training ballet or contemporary dance for example. We take what they already have and build on it as well as introducing them to other dance disciplines

Yes, the program is designed to give the dancers performance opportunities as part of their training.

Yes, all classes are mandatory. The classes are designed to prepare the dancers for performance work. Occasionally a dancer might not be cast or included in a rehearsal and will be notified in advance.

All classes and rehearsals are schedule in advance. We advise the dancers to do the same with their home and school schedules. Dancers can be released from a class or rehearsal with prior notice. It is important to note that if a dancer misses more than 30% of the rehearsal process for any dance work he or she may be removed or replaced.